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Hi and welcome to Impact Coaching! My name is Susan Brown and I can confidently say that God turned my pain, struggles and adversity into good!

One quick example: I am no longer UNHEALTHILY driven to say just the right words and do the right things to earn approval and love! During a time of shattered dreams, my counselor asked me: "Aren't you tired of trying so hard?" I wept. The harsh truth of how I had lived my life was out. But it felt good that this endless striving to please others was about to change!

Years ago, my 80-year-old father who's had his fair share of life's ups and downs yelled "I love my life" out of the blue while we were relaxing on a boat. That became my "battle cry" and only because I partnered with God am I now able to say that I, too, "love my life" not in spite of my circumstances BUT because of them! Things like breast cancer, divorce, challenging children, lost jobs and broken dreams were what God used for my good and His purposes.

I am a Christian life coach with a lot of certifications (see the list below) and former teacher and school administrator. I have used all of that training and my own life experiences to help people shift from SURVIVING (been there) to COMING ALIVE to becoming FULLY ALIVE. The end game is to THRIVE!

I am at my best and fulfilling my destiny when I walk alongside someone who is struggling to thrive and/or wants to figure out their destiny and how to increase their impact.

I "walk alongside" people in a variety of ways: private or group coaching, workshops and forgiveness coaching.

Your journey to becoming FULLY ALIVE is not a solo journey. You were created for connection and community - to have people you trust and also have the wisdom and experience to help you live the life you really want.

If you're thinking of using a coach (in addition to or instead of a counselor), please feel free to give me a call at 678.787.2406 or EMAIL ME where I'll hear a bit of your story, struggle and desires. From there, we'll discuss what God has in store for you and I'll share what I see as potential next steps and strategies. If it feels like a good fit, only then will we discuss my menu of services.

No pressure - just a conversation between two people who have the same desire to change our adversity into destiny and fall more deeply in love with life and God.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Life Coach
  • Live a New Life Story Coach
  • Change Management Specialist
  • Managerial Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (DISC)
  • Forgiveness Coaching
  • SOZO (Inner healing)
  • Transformational Coaching (Heart-based coaching)