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Read about Susan's impact as a facilitator-trainer.

Susan brings a fresh approach and a dynamic discipline to our health psychology programming. Her highly specialized background in adult learning and professional coaching offers participants a lifeline-applying cutting edge science to upgrade every aspect of daily life for maximum joy and enhanced health and vitality. The feedback from participants is consistently outstanding - "exceeding expectations" each and every time.
Brenda Stockdale, Director of Behavioral Medicine at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia

Our group had the honor of Susan Brown speaking at our women's circle. Her topic was Thrive and Live Big and she did a fabulous job. Susan engaged with everyone there and we loved the way she easily coached everyone at one point or another. There were many ah-ha moments during our meeting and we would love to have her return in the future. We have had several presenters and she is one of the best!
~ Fran Hennelly, Women's Circle at Unity Atlanta

Susan Brown was absolutely wonderful in presenting the concepts of "The Power of One Word" to our Men's Lacrosse Team. She was able to give us the components we needed for our purpose in such a concise and organized way that our players were able to identify their specific word in a very short time.

They will use their word to assist in sharpening their focus on every game day throughout the year. We had each player's word imprinted onto their warm up shirt as a symbol of who they are and what they are bringing to the game that day.

Our players also have the understanding that the power of "One Word" will extend beyond their game day preparation. They now have this new found tool to use as they grow in every aspect of their lives, if they choose to dive deeper into the possibilities it offers.

I can't wait to see the power it will unleash in each player and the coaches have chosen to participate as well, and we usually don't get involved in team exercises.
Carl Rausch, Assistant Coach for the Mercer Men's Lacrosse Team

Susan is an exceptional coach and I had the distinct opportunity of attending her Power of One Word workshop. It was productive, energizing and most of all what I needed to put the "finishing" touches on my goals for the year. I have no reservations that Susan can impact, spark and influence individuals, teams and organizations to their destined success.
Chi Chi Okezie, Owner/Producer of Simple Networking

I recently had the pleasure of attending The Power of One Word Workshop with Susan Brown and though skeptical at first, I left an inspired pupil. Susan's intuitive ability to hear you and help hear where you may want to go even before you know it is awe inspiring and lovely all at the same time. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone trying to learn, grow, improve or even just find a direction in their life.
Cherie Beasley, Independent Contractor, Pampered Chef

Susan's One Word workshop
was amazing. It is one of the “BEST” I’ve ever attended. She really made me dig deep to identify what my heart’s desires really are.
Lana Flenoury

Susan Brown takes complex healing concepts and motivates the individual to desire more..more of living life to its fullest potential! Her mind is sharp, her delivery no nonsense, she is respectful of our time and she has the heart of Jesus at the core of her passion to help us heal! Susan is passionate about every heart.
Rachel Faulkner, Founder, Be Still Ministry