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Read about Susan's impact as a professional and certified life coach.

Susan is a keen listener and questioner. She complements these skills with her deep spirituality and knowledge of human behavioral psychology. The result is a coaching experience that is empowering, profound, and practical. Susan helped me to better manage my fear, health, time, staff, and projects. I highly recommend her coaching services, particularly to people in positions of high responsibility and high human stakes.
Shanaal Smothers, Director at Circle of Friends, Living Water for Girls

I can describe Susan in one word, Awesome! I recently had the pleasure of hiring Susan to help with my new position at XO Communications.This was the best investment. Susan created a plan on how to manage my time and energy. I never thought about some of the daily action items that were giving stress and wasting my energy.This training not only made my day more efficient, but gave me the energy I needed to be active with my family. I also enjoyed learning about how to calm myself through brain optimization. These techniques have help by increasing my productivity and focus. I cannot thank Susan enough for what impact she has made in my life.
Chris Hidalgo, Sales and Management Professional

After the Forgiveness Coaching session, I immediately felt relieved. My Spirit released all of the heartache that had me in a dark place. My thinking about my business became clearer. I highly recommend the Forgiveness Session to everyone.
Dr. Beverly Harris-Coleman, Founder of
The Sisterhood Projects, Inc.

s I have gotten to know Susan, I came to realize she is a trustworthy person. I'm 56 and I've lived most of that with a gaping wound from my past. The feelings that haunted me for years because of ill-treatment by my Maternal Grandmother held me hostage. I'd tried all I knew to do as a Christian and a minister to forgive her, and just when I thought I'd put it behind me, it would come back with a vengeance. I decided to try what Susan was offering...when the session ended I felt a different kind of smile on my face ... one I don't ever remember having and as I walked to the car, I felt I had to be at least 10 lbs lighter, maybe more ... I 110% recommend you utilize the coaching Susan Brown offers ... 1 word can change your life, that word for me this day ... forgiveness.
- RRH, Entrepreneur

Working with Susan has been life changing. She helps you find and direct your true desires into reality, whether it's a life, career or personality change. She has the ability to help you bring out your strengths and put them into action.
The coaching and workshops she offers are phenomenal and a superb value. She offers excellence and insight at a reasonable price. It's an investment you should definitely consider making to improve any aspect of your life.
Monica McPherrin, Manager, Consultant and Social Trend Hunter

Susan is a first class, competent and compassionate professional. Her insight in guiding individuals to achieve their full potential impacts them by allowing self-discovery. If you are stuck and need guidance to be the best at who you are and what you offer the world, let Susan be your guide. She helps you achieve the success you want and deserve.
Bonnie Ross Parker, Award Winning Diva, America's Connection Diva