Are you struggling to survive and just get through one more day?
Are you tired of striving and performing to get your needs met?
Are you feeling and knowing that there is something MORE to your life?

Then, GOOD! Because this is the BEST state for change to happen! It's when we decide to no longer settle for living a life of disappointment, discouragement and unfulfillment!

People rarely change UNTIL the pain of staying the same outweighs their fear of change!

To help people thrive, I offer private coaching or group coaching.

My group coaching comes in the form of a TRIUMPHANT LIVING CIRCLE (TLC).

Here's the framework that I've used to help people THRIVE. Here's how I have helped people shift from surviving to thriving - to becoming fully alive: In order to live fully alive, a thriving person demonstrates these three key characteristics:
  • Triumphant Heart
  • Radiant Identity
  • Vibrant Expression
Triumphant Heart = Wholeness, emotional wounds healed, resilient, joy-filled

Radiant Identity = See yourself as God sees you, bring light into darkness, authentic

Vibrant Expression = Manifesting your talents, giftings and life messages in ways that positively impact others, carrier for aliveness

Impact Coaching offers coaching, programs and products to develop these three vital areas.