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TH.RI.VE.™ is a series of three faith-based, transformational courses to equip you to thrive - to live a life you love and were destined to live. Provides the tools, strategies and resources to overcome disappointment, disillusionment and overwhelm and increase your clarity, joy, purpose and impact.

Each course: 1x/week for 6 wks; 8-10 participants, led by Susan Brown & Colleen Swift Low.
You can take one or more courses.
FORMAT: Coaching, discussion, reflection, activations, healing exercises, prayer

Course 1 - Triumphant Heart, covers these topics:
Filling Your Desires
Becoming Unstoppable
Forgiveness & Freedom
Overcoming Disappointment & Discouragement
Healing Emotional Memories
REGISTER: http://triumphantheart.eventbrite.com (CLOSED UNTIL AUG. 2019)

Course 2 - Radiant Identity, covers these topics:
Discovering Your Strengths, Values & Gifts
Disempowering Your Identity Saboteurs
Dreaming Big
Stages of Your Calling Journey
Creating Your Identity Manifesto
REGISTER: http://radiantidentity.eventbrite.com
March 28-April 25, 2019

Course 3 - Vibrant Expression, covers these topics

Identifying Your Life Message(s)
How to Express Your Life Message
Discovering Your Task or Role, Audience, Type of Impact
Your Unique Form of Influence
Staying On Track with Your Destiny
REGISTER: http://vibrantexpression.eventbrite.com
May 2-June 6, 2019

Each course is also available as a private coaching experience.