Are you tired of striving, struggling and stress? Are you tired of settling for less? 

Let's face it - there are times in our lives when LIFE IS HARD! So hard that no matter what you do or think, you just can't shake off your mental, emotional or physical burdens.  While it's normal to BECOME STUCK because of our blindspots, storylines, or habits, it's not a place to camp out or settle into.

Are you tired of waiting for things to change?  Are you noticing that venting your frustrations and disappointments haven't really created the changes or the life you REALLY want?

I work with people who don't often FEEL ready to change from from SURVIVING TO THRIVING, but they go for it anyway.  You, too, may be in a place where the pain of staying the same outweighs your fear of change or your KNOWING there is better overrides the inertia of staying in your "comfort zone." 

Impact Coaching helps you MOVE FORWARD into your destiny. Through my coaching, workshops and inner healing work, your TRUE BRILLIANT SELF is set free and you get the clarity, confidence and focus you need as well as the action steps that are the BEST ones for you.

You were designed to live a life of joy, purpose and impact.  There is no time like RIGHT NOW to move forward. 

I offer private coaching in-person in the Atlanta area or via online video calls. 

GET STARTED NOW with a non-salesy STRATEGY SESSION (20 min. via phone) where you get NEW insights and strategies customized to alleviate one of your key challenges.  

At this stage, things feel and look 
bleak. You've got low energy, battling
anxiety and even hopelessness. You're 
stuck in stress, overwhelm and limited
joy. There is a WAY to move forward. 

At this stage,  you're feeling less anxious
and stressful. 
BUT, you're fully aware that 
you're not in full bloom 
yet. Now's the 
time for more clarity, focus, 
and a plan to help you thrive. 


At this stage, you are  living on purpose,
with joy and positive impact You  
expresss your brilliance with confidence.
You transform adversity into advantage and embrace your life. Not here yet? I can help.