Are you tired of feeling disappointed, discouraged or overwhelmed by life? 

Let's face it - we spend a lot of time and energy trying to recover from setbacks, unmet expectations and suffering!  Sometimes to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm! 

The truth is that LIFE IS HARD and you may even be wondering right now where the FUN of life has gone? And if it's ever coming back?

It can be such a struggle at times, that it invites discouragement, hopelessness and anxiety.  

I know because I've experienced all of that!  During my "downs" I even felt despair and seriously wondered if and how God would redeem my broken dreams and turn my pain into joy! 

In this place of overwhelm, confusion and often, chaos - it's easy to get stuck.   You're low on energy and short on clarity and courage and it's so easy to become paralyzed or repeat the same thoughts and actions over and over and over again - hoping for better results. 

HOWEVER, the GREATER TRUTH is that while you're down, there is a way UP!  You may be down, but you are NOT out! 

Impact Coaching blends science and faith-based strategies to help you MOVE FORWARD and UPWARD into the life that God intended you to have.

Through my coaching, workshops, trainings and inner healing work, I help you gain these 3 things:

  • Triumphant Heart
  • Radiant Identity
  • Vibrant Expression 

These three things are what's needed to become FULLY ALIVE in the way that God intended. 

You  were designed to live a life of joy, purpose and impact.

The goal for every workshop, training, private and group coaching that I offer is to help you THRIVE, to become FULLY ALIVE. 

"The glory of God is man fully alive."  
~ St. Iraneus 

At this stage, things feel and look 
bleak. You've got low energy, battling
anxiety and even hopelessness. You're 
stuck in stress, overwhelm and limited
joy. There is a WAY to move forward. 

At this stage,  you're feeling less anxious
and stressful. 
BUT, you're fully aware that 
you're not in full bloom 
yet. Now's the 
time for more clarity, focus, 
and a plan to help you thrive. 


At this stage, you are  living on purpose,
with joy and positive impact You  
expresss your brilliance with confidence.
You transform adversity into advantage and embrace your life. Not here yet? I can help.