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      In today's world, triggers for fear and anxiety cannot be contained; but they can be conquered.

      Why settle for a mindset that prevents you from being at your best and fully enjoying your life?

      Understanding how your brain functions increases your chances and your capacity for finding “safety,” “peace”and ultimately, healthy outcomes.

      You will not only get the info and strategies needed to overcome anxiety and depression, you will begin to activate the strategies during the presentation/

      Topics include:

          • What are your triggers for stress?
          • What's the difference between fear, worry, anxiety and depression?
          • What happens in my brain to maintain these states?
          • What can I do to break the cycle of anxiety and depression

            DATE: Tuesday, Sept. 26
            TIME: 9:00-Noon
            WHERE: 3750 Clubhouse Court, Marietta 30066
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